Bringing Condo Communities To Life

Cities continue to grow and, in the majority of major cities across the globe, people increasingly choose to live in multi-family condominiums and apartment buildings. It’s often a lifestyle choice with residents actively looking to enhance the experiences they have within their community on a number of different levels. Security, convenience, social/night life, local amenities and shopping all rank very highly – People want to be “close to the action”.

With the marketing push for condominium sales largely centered on community and lifestyle, the reality of living in a multi-family dwelling can be the opposite experience.

From the resident’s perspective, the nature of condominiums as secure buildings is desirable but it tends to create barriers. Hallways are quiet and empty most of the time. People stare at the floor or mutter “Hello” while waiting for the elevator. They are rushing from A to B and too busy to stop and chat. Ultimately, passing people in hallways or waiting for elevators doesn’t afford great opportunities for social interaction or building relationships. Ironically, life in a condo can actually be a socially isolating experience.

The management of these multi-family buildings is fast paced and multi-faceted. Building management is critical to ensuring condominium communities thrive in a supported and positive environment. The equation is usually unbalanced and inefficient with one or two building managers assigned to hundreds of residents. Often, methods of communication are archaic – snail mail, paper notices taped to walls or doors, limited and inconvenient office hours, voicemail tag, paper forms for maintenance needs and parking passes. Property management need better tools to connect with their customers.


JazLife On An iPad

JazLabs developed an online private, secure platform for connecting, communicating and managing life in a condo easily and efficiently. It provides a convenient forum for residents to communicate, get to know each other and build community. It provides a platform for property managers to communicate with residents more effectively and post information in a central location quickly and efficiently. It can be tailored to meet the specific needs of one building or a portfolio of buildings.

In addition to being a key communication platform, JazLife offers many convenient tools for managing life in a condominium:

A Social Platform for residents to post profiles, connect with each other and communicate with neighbors and building management.

Online Building Services including:

  • an event calendar
  • online reservation of building facilities
  • online management of maintenance requests
  • front desk instructions
  • guest parking passes
  • A Resident Marketplace where residents can buy and sell goods and services such as furniture and babysitting.
  • Information Central – online storage of all building related general information, documents, meeting minutes, newsletters and much more.
  • Finances – view and pay maintenance fees online / monthly rent online.
  • Mobile app
  • RESTful API allowing 3rd party applications to connect to your platform.

Residents & property managers alike across North America can now connect, collaborate, problem solve and transact with ease utilizing a private, social platform tailored to their specific building environment. The JazLife platform is available 24/7 on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

For more information, visit jazlife.com and read the Globe & Mail coverage on Jazlife.